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Add a little love to your Email Marketing Campaigns this Valentine’s Day


The next big opportunity for retailers, and commerce stores alike is Valentine’s Day, and as we’re only days away, we thought we’d share the love and give you some email marketing inspiration.

According to EA Online Marketing, over £900million is spent on Valentine’s gifts online and now is the time to concentrate on your email marketing campaigns that will drive sales, and stand out in the inbox.

We’ll look at some brands that have sent fantastic email marketing campaigns that not only captivate the audience, but drive them to take action as well. All of these templates were sent in 2012 or 2013, and we’ll have a look later next month at the best campaigns from 2014. Watch this space!


Let’s begin…

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Knives and pans may not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but with the combination of the themed imagery and the LOVEly testimonials, BB&B offer a unique twist on the typical Valentine’s Day campaign.


2. Apple

As usual Apple offer a sleek and slick email marketing campaign. Again, whilst an iPod is not a particularly sexy gift, the lurrrrve theme is continued throughout this email. By including the option to have the iPod engraved, Apple offer a personal touch that goes the extra mile.


3. Twinings

Twinings have used Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to promote their full product line with a special offer. As far as I’m aware there isn’t a specific sort of tea that helps the drinker fall in love, but a special offer certainly sweetens the deal for contacts with an already full inbox.


4. Pizza Express

By changing their products slightly to fit with Valentine’s Day, Pizza Express are really showing how much they love their customers. The combination of the special products and the irresistible offer in the bottom section of the email make for a really lovely email campaign.


5. Smilebox

For a company like Smilebox, Valentine’s Day will be a peak time for sales and as such you would expect their marketing efforts to be spot on. The on-theme call to actions and featured products entice the reader to take action, and the length of the template does not overwhelm contacts.


 6. Waitrose

This email from Waitrose has strong call to actions, and a nice range of products that go above and beyond your usual teddy bears and pink hearts. The offer of free Valentine’s day delivery also adds an extra edge over their competitors. Remember: Valentine’s Day is highly competitive and you need to stand out however you can.



7. Urban Outfitters

This email from Urban Outfitters isn’t your usual Valentine’s Day campaign – it’s more about the brand than the products. This email relies on a strong email following that will be enticed to click through even without seeing specific content. It’s also very clever as it entices those contacts who are not engaging to click through with a sense of mystery. NB after clicking through, the products are quirky and lovely as you would expect from Urban Outfitters.

urban outfitters

8. Asos

This email from Asos isn’t selling me products for my loved ones, but rather is trying to sell me items for myself – a great tactic on Vday. As mentioned before not everyone is buying for someone else, a lot of people will use the day or lurve to buy for themselves. Remember the singletons of the world when marketing your products.



9. Twinings (part 2)

This is a slightly different email receiving from Twinings on a separate occasion – but it still catches your eye and works as a promotional Valentine’s Day campaign. The products feature really work well along this theme, and whilst tea is not the most common of love gifts, they will suit a tea-lover perfectly.



10. Fortnum & Mason

As always Fortnum & Mason’s email are visually striking, and whilst I don’t know the ins and outs of their performance, overall the campaigns follow the usual email marketing best practices, such as a bright bold call to action and simple straight the point content.





Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun with your email marketing campaigns. Use different colours and images to promote your company and your offer – and remember to ensure the email stands out.

What kind of content will you send this Valentine’s Day? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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